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Harmonise your breath, body, and soul  

with the vibrations of the Universe

Bringing to the world a unique synthesis of Yoga & Sound.

To listen deeper inside ourselves, move further in our bodies, and join together in harmonic practice. 

Explore the various modalities and methods we use at Nad Yoga to discover the right one for you.

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Andrew Kay

Andrew Kay

Creator, Director & Owner • Musician, Composer, Educator • Sound Healing & Music Therapy

"We live in an ocean of vibrations, in constant flux with everything around us. I search for melodies that inspire memories, rhythms that help us to move and feel deeper in the body, harmonies that unite us with each other and the cosmos, and transcendental experiences fuelled by a collective consciousness of aspiration. May we all find our inner sound and sing out together in a global symphony."

Violante Binazzi

Violante Binazzi

Yoga • Art • Creativity • Therapy

"If I close my eyes during the performance of a symphony I can perceive the space around me filled with colours. I listen with my body; music and colour become a single entity. For centuries, artists, musicians and philosophers have investigated the correlation between sound and colour. There were also many painters that throughout the twentieth century investigated the possibility of establishing relations between these two forms of expression. From Kandinsky to Picasso up to the present day. Nad Yoga stems from the belief that music and art can become a tool for personal and social transformation.

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feature video with Andrew Kay; speaking about his journey to India, and how he found his gateway to a deeper sense of self through sound and vibration.

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