Welcome to the NAD YOGA website!

NAD YOGA is a group of diverse Yoga practitioners and musicians who are passionately exploring the relationships between Sound and Yoga. With the recent trend of Yoga becoming popular throughout the world, it is evident that more and more people are looking for holistic systems of health and fitness to integrate into their lives. The forms of Yoga we see today stem from the ancient systems of Hatha, Raja, & Ashtanga Yoga, and have developed into the many modern practices that are emerging and spreading across the globe. Other forms of Yoga have been practiced for hundreds of years, including Bhakti, Karma, Swara, Jnana, and Kriya Yoga, which deal with other areas of our being beyond the physical and vital planes. Nad Yoga is continually striving to create and foster systems and practices for personal & collective growth with the aim to unite oneself with the collective whole.

“All Life is Yoga”


A phrase coined from the writings of the great Indian sage Sri Aurobindo, who synthesized a complete system of Integral Yoga aimed to holistically understand our entire being. By applying the systems of Yoga to each and every aspect of our lives, we may expand our consciousness and transcend the ordinary experience of life.

NAD YOGA has created a variety of structures and systems to match the unique flow and purpose of each Yoga practice. Sound, Vibration and Music become an integral part of the Yoga experience and support and aid everyone involved to reach a deeper connection to their practice, to each other, and to the Universe.

Offering a wide range of workshops, clinic, concerts, sound baths, and other holistic healing sessions, Nad Yoga aim is to create a network of people around the globe who work collaboratively and collectively to further expand each others consciousness and experiential existence.

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Nada Yoga is a yoga of sound, a path of exploration of consciousness through sounds. Nada, the primordial sound forming the basis of music evolves in different stages of para, pashyanthi, madhyama and vaikhari from the different energy centres found in the human body and opening up of these seven chakra-s (energy centres) reflect their physical, psychological and physiological characteristics to reestablish our inner balance restoring health and form.


Recommended reading on Music, Vibration, & Nad Yoga:

Bridges of Waves – W. A. Mathieu

The Yoga of Sound – Russill Paul

Sonic Theology – Guy L. Beck