Andrew Kay of Nad Yoga has collaborated with various different practitioners of Yoga and musicians throughout the world over the past few years. Here is a list with links to their websites:

Sabrina Prassede (Auroville, India & Pereto, Italy)

Tasha Rooke (Toronto, Canada)

Simon Park (Philadelphia, USA)

Darren Austin Hall (Toronto, Canada)

Mara Raye: Yoga for Creativity (Toronto, Canada)

Jonathan Kay, Justin Gray, & Derek Gray of Monsoon-Music (Toronto, Canada)

On The Mat Collective & Yoga, Eat, Repeat (Toronto, Canada)

Yoga, Food, Music (Toronto, Canada & Kolkata, India)

-Daniel Anderchek and Yoga Symphony (Toronto, Canada)


If you are interested in collaborating with Nad Yoga, please contact us here.