Integral Sonic Yoga

Integral Sonic Yoga is the system and practice of using Sound, Vibration, & Music in tandem with other Yoga practices offered by the members of Nad Yoga.

With the new wave of Yoga spreading through the world, new systems of health and medicine are emerging, many of which are sourced from and directly correlated to ancient knowledge, and inspired by the rich traditions of Indigenous peoples from around the world.

‘Nada Yoga’ is an ancient metaphysical system in the Hindu tradition, and is found throughout the Vedas, Upanishads, and various Sutras. It is a stream of sacred sound that embraces Hatha Yoga, the occult linguistics of Tantra, and the spirituality if Indian Classical music. Nad (naa-de) can be translated as ‘currents of sound’ which exist both within you own being and throughout the Universe.  The Yoga of Nad is the individuals path towards realising the science and structure of sound with the aim for personal entrainment with the cosmos.

Inspired by knowledge of the past and creativity of the future, Integral Sonic Yoga creator Andrew Kay weaves a sonic tapestry of sound that is completely integrated in each Yoga practice. Using the principles of tension and release, the vibrations act as a guide or mirror to a deeper self-understanding of the physical asana or practice which is being done. Synthesising the physical movements with the breath in conjunction with the sound is the fundamental principal of Integral Sonic Yoga.  In less physically demanding practices like Restorative Yoga, sound becomes more like a blanket of healing music which supports and energises each specific asana or pose. Which ever form of Yoga is being practiced the aim of Integral Sonic Yoga is to awaken ones awareness to sound and sensitivity to vibration in order to further progress on the inward path of self-realisation.