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We offer a variety of workshops and retreats. Please browse below to discover our upcoming events…


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Nad Yoga offers a wide range of workshops, clinics, concerts, therapies, healing sessions, retreats, and treks.

Integral Sonic Yoga

Yoga classes with sound, vibration, and music to perfectly accompany your practice. Depending on the availability and location of our practitioners we offer many popular forms of Yoga including Ashtanga, Iyengar, Flow (Vinyasa), and Restorative. If you are interested in arranging a practice at a studio, at your home, or even outdoors, please contact us by emailing

Indian Classical & World Music Concert & Clinics

The spiritual music of the Ragas in the form of Indian Classical music is sound therapy and healing in itself. You can book a private concert or add a concert for after your Yoga or Meditation practice. Highly stimulating to both intellectual and devotional minded people a eclectic concert is one of best ways to ground your being and inspire your creativity.  If you are interested in arranging an Indian Classical and World music concert please contact us by emailing

• Sound Baths

Cleansing yourself in the ethereal ocean of vibration can be a transcendental experience. Heal your body, release your inner tensions, still the mind with a Sound Bath session. If you are interested in arranging a Sound Bath, private or group session, please contact us by emailing

• Healing Sessions & Music Therapy

No matter what you might be suffering from or working through a healing session of Music, Sound, & Vibration can not only help by giving you peace, space, and awareness to allow for the healing process to begin, it can also allow you to access altered states of consciousness for a transcendental and transformative experience. If you are interested in arranging a private healing session please contact us by emailing

• Retreats & Treks

You will regularly find us visiting the mountains, whether the sacred Himalayas, the immense Rockies, the ranges of Europe, or some remote peaceful land, perfect for a rejuvenating retreat. We will try to offer retreats and treks wherever we are, so please check our calendar for our upcoming travel plans. You may also contact us about arranging your very own retreat or trek by emailing


You can also visit our calendar to see the workshops and retreats Nad Yoga will be offering in the near future. Please see if we are coming to an area near you.

Please contact us for a personalised quote in arranging for your next session.

Past Workshops & Retreats